Awesome Puff Sofa Throw: Finale
written on Thursday, 6 February 2014 @ 2:58 pm
Update: 11 Feb 2014
Here it is:
Click on each photograph for larger resolution. 

I am soooo excited!!!
The sofa throw is nearing its final squares and finishing touches. I only have 8 more squares to attach and I kinda started the border on the fixed sides of the throw earlier, instead of waiting until every square is attached.

You can check Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking buttons below :)

Anyways, I photographed this earlier, when it has about 12 more squares to be attached.

almost all attached :)

 pattern close-up


For the conclusion:
The materials I am using are:
- Big Ply Cotton White = 3 balls @ 100 gr.
- Big Ply Cotton Fuchsia = 2 balls @ 100 gr.
- Big Ply Cotton Multicoloured: greenish-purplish = 2.5 balls @ 100 gr.
- border: Big Ply Cotton Light Purple = 1.5 balls @ 100 gr.
TOTAL BALL COUNT: 9 balls of yarn.
PHEW..... quite a lot yea? But imagine that I didn't actually whip a lot of money out for this project, because the skeins are available in my stash from 1 year ago. HA. Due to my current financial condition, I have to be very wise on spending my yarn fund. Tsk.. I know. I only needed to buy extra white skeins, as I am using a lot of white in other projects as well.

Tomorrow I will be doing the border, I'm still looking for inspirations although I know which colours I want to use. I can't believe that I did all this in one and a half week. Awesome! :)


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