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written on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 @ 10:55 pm
I have to be on the field starting next week, so I do not think I will be crafting for a month or so. I will bring one project to the basecamp though; you know, to have that little time of mine when things get rough on the field.

I am working on another gift-related crochet craft. This time, it involves Tunisian crochet. I will be employing several Tunisian techniques to make these gifts -and possibly one regular double crochet constructed gift-. Photos are not here yet, as they are gifts, so maybe later along the way. :)

In the mean time, I have started that Tunisian-crocheted gifts, but I was out of yarn and had not bought more. I will buy on the way and have them send it to me at the basecamp.

Where am I going?
Well, this is THE place where I want to live my life, actually. But sadly, I have to take a re-route. I do not know if in the end I will live in place like this one, but I am taking that re-route first and have back-up plans arranged. I sincerely do want to live my life in this place called Sangiran. It is tranquil, peaceful, and quiet. I imagine, if I ever had the chance to live in this place, I want it to be non-archaeology related. There is so much more about Sangiran than just archaeology field work. Plus, I love the friends I made there. And if you ARE indeed thinking of other reasons why I love this place, DO NOT! STOP THAT THOUGHT. It is NOT THAT. HAHAHAHA. I do imagine me with grey hair, sitting in my own porch, crocheting. I even have one house spotted for its beauty. I want so much to buy that house, but it is now currently occupied. LOL.


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