Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sunburst Blanket

On to my next project.
Yes, I do have that MUCH of yarns to already start another project: the sunburst blanket. I am using the pattern from this tutorial and this one with pictures explanations.

Here's a sampler of which colours I am going to be using :)

Still using that lovingly big ply cotton from Benang RajutQ store, I will make this my own, I guess. I love the colour combination. The pattern is a bit complicated for me, as I had never made puff stitch before. But I love it, it's sooo puffy. :) Definitely will give update on this project! As long as I do not have a lot of translation to do or field works, I have all the time to crochet. It's my other job...

Come to think of it, what if I am selling my projects, instead of just having them available for gifts? Haha... Long term plan. :)