Saturday, 19 April 2014

I has a ....
click on the image above to see the items being sold

And so it had come to this! :)

Why garage sales? Well, for some reasons, I might be:
1. Getting all the clutter of my past away
2. Mid-year or hey... spring cleaning!
3. I want to re-wardrobe my shelves
4. I simply never wore those items
5. Items reminding me of painful past and I want them to go
6. I need cash. FAST cash.

I am all for all of those reasons. Plus, my room is very untidy and I feel like I need to de-clutter. So, enjoy the garage sale and this will be held until ALL ITEMS are GONE!!!!



I have gotten a wee bit too creative this morning, that I have made these badges for SFS and promotion in social media.

News is, that I am going to be joined by my bestfriend, Dinda (@hilmiyadinda on Instagram) on decluttering our shelves and lives. So, by next week I will have MORE items on sale. :) Do watch out! :)