Friday, 9 May 2014

What I did

I have spent March, April, and May enriching the crochet skill and now I managed to make hats, bags, and more blankets and doilies. Hats and bags are sort of the milestone of my skill enrichment, because I have avoided them before. Here are pictures of what I did for the past 3 months...

And theeeen, I tried something that of jewelry making. So very beginner-like lesson: sliding knot. I do not have the patience to do jewelries. Tsk, but I managed to do this:

See what I mean? See how amateur it was!? Hahaha. I will train myself to have patience to do it later.

I have to go on fieldwork AGAIN. Tickets been issued to ensure the departure. I believe I cannot wait to come back and have more creative stuff made. I love my hands --they're so creative. LOL. Damn this self-gratification!

See you in (almost) a month!