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written on Monday, 16 June 2014 @ 8:55 am
I am back from the field and have 3 months to craft before I am needed again on the field! :)
I have been stacking up projects in my head, during the last field work, and I know I have said that it will be my last field work --- but apparently, I can't say that. So, I am not to say that anymore no matter how fed up I am.

But, this I can say: I have three months to craft things! :)
My sister cousin asked if I can make her several (several) umbrellas for her wedding organiser, and after contemplating and researching the how-to on the net, I said yes. Thing is that I am going to need a LOT of acrylic rayon yarns in white, beige, and something else pastel-y.

images taken randomly from googleimages

Starting off the umbrella project 1
Inspirations come from PINTEREST, of course, and several other Russians, Spanish, and Portuguese website - and I speak nor read neither of those languages. LOL. Hurray for international crochet symbols! I started off the first umbrella project using white Mabel yarn from Benang Rajut Q, but started thinking if the yarn I should use is the acrylic rayon of Aneka brand (here). I might have to visit Asemka for cheaper wholesale price. NOTE: Asemka on FRIDAY with Dicky!

Then there's this project of supplying hats and shawls for two of my dearest colleagues studying abroad. So, they won't have to spend money on hats, beanies, and shawls. I did one beanie, but not sure if the size fits. Well, I made it into adult head size.... but still... craniometry somehow plays its part here. LOL.

Made this one before my departure to Gua Harimau last month. Quite comfortable, with no linings. I dont really like linings

I also listed this personal project to make cushions for my car seat. I have made the blanket using the star shaped baby blanket pattern (one of the links here) and I want to have two or three cushions with matching colours. I will be using Big Mabel yarn by Benang Rajut Q in similar colour scheme, but possibly different patterns. I am thinking of using the star-burst pattern, too.
Inspiration #1 (source)

Inspiration #2 (source)
Or maybe Inspiration #3: where classics can never go wrong! (source)
So, I have several projects to finish off within THREE months --- with Ramadhan coming up, I will have PLENTY of time! Watch out for updates! :)

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