Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Circles to Square??

Hiya, again!
I have been working on something for the baby and I am using the Japanese cotton yarn available on my store. I started off with the pattern on Crochet with Raymond and altered the pattern with solid circles on the next rounds.

But then I got confused on how to turn it into squares, I do understand that I have to divide the circle by 4 to make the corners, but I do not think my effort has succeeded. *bleh. I haven't take a picture of the current round yet, it's a bit embarassing. I have been reading on some websites with tutorial on how to turn circles into squares, but ---- maybe I am just that stupid. LOL, or discouraged. I will put this one down now, and pick up on my doily project. And, crap! I do have two umbrellas to finish!!!