Sunday, 20 July 2014

Crochet Diagram with AI-CS3

Haaaaaaaaai, everyone!
I have been playing with AI again after I had lost count on my beanie projects, merely because I was playing around with the original stitches. I am just SLOW on counting, so I figured I will try to put it in charts.

I have read the basic instructions on NexStitch website and (again) played around with it on Adobe Illustrator CS3. It is actually pretty easy, but you need a lot of patience and copy-pasting, rotation and such along the way. Nope, mine is not THAT perfect at all like those paid crochet designing software results, but I guess I have to be satisfied until I have excessive money to buy the ACTUAL software. TSK!

That's all I came up with and then I had gotten too bored and went back to the real crocheting. LOL....