About Me

Hello, I am Dee and I am from Indonesia. It seems like I am (was) working as an osteoarchaeologist (find it out here) within Indonesian area. I am doing it freelance at the moment, but of course I am looking forward to be involved with skeletal remains in a more permanent relationship. HAHAHHAA. I love to:
  • play with HTML/CSS codes
  • crochet, duh!
  • listen to old music
  • writing on my journal
  • watching tv series. who doesn't?
But there are times when I should just give it all up, especially when I am on the field with NO internet connection.
I have an online store, selling cosmetics and fashion stuff. Links are right there on the right sidebar :)
In cases of wanting to contact me, just reach me through the variety of social media choices I have over there, okay?

Blessed be.

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Over the years, I collected these fanlisting buttons on my other blogs. I decided to delete the blogs and put everything into this one. Possibly it's a part of cleaning-up-the-past project that I have been doing since December 2013. Some of the links might not be working anymore, since fanlistings.org is also on hiatus; I just love the graphics. LOL.


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